Cringe worthy passage

I shared the following passage from Autobiography of a Yogi (written in 1946) in last week’s class because it make me cringe when I read it. I leaned into the words then sat up a little straighter.

“I ran into an old acquaintance—one of those long winded fellows whose conversational powers ignore time and embrace eternity.”


Is this me? Is it you?

We’re good at talking and serving up mindless chatter to others and to ourself (even the drone of our internal monologue rarely stops.) We bore and exhaust our audience as we steal time and energy without an drop of awareness. We speak much, but say little.

The beauty of understanding this? Inspiration to become the rare bird who can sit quietly. Peacefully. And listen.

Yoga helps us get closer. We learn to be comfortable in stillness. Comfortable in our own skin. So damn comfortable we no longer need to dominate the airspace in veiled desperation to prove we’re relevant.

And an odd thing happens when we close our mouths and open our ears. Instead of leaving skid marks in the opposite direction, those we dig become hungry for more—and draw closer.


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau


Kathleen is the owner of The Studio and teaches several yoga classes per week. Sign up online for a class with Kathleen or our other instructors. Read full bio…