“It’s the little details that are vital.” – John Wooden

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make all the difference. Like the tin recipe box in the sitting area of The Studio that holds student immersion cards. Details add depth. Create authenticity. Nurture the rich pulp of a bigger whole.

But the recipe box is just one of many objects at The Studio that boast a rich history. Some objects are easily overlooked, like the three Habitat ReStore doors that create impromptu dressing rooms. Or the bookshelf that was purchased at a Mt. Horeb antique store and now holds juicy texts that are very personal, very influential to The Studio’s owner, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. Even the four citrus crates are reclaimed and create a delightful retail area.

The enormous, wooden structure on The Studio’s west wall, however, is hard to miss and was once an early Machinery Row elevator gate. The French doors leading into Studio A were stowed away in the building’s basement until given another opportunity at life, and the tea cups for sale are handcrafted by local artisan Sara Gordon.

As for the tea table, with its prominent energy and sensuous timber curves … well, you’ll have to ask Kathleen about that story.

Photo by C&N Photography in Madison, WI.