Yoga for those in need…

Those of us reading this message understand the profound effect yoga can have on our sense of peace and clarity.

The Studio has started a fund to gift free yoga to those facing challenging times in their lives and with their finances. Most of us know or know of people who could desperately use yoga in their lives, but who simply can’t afford it.

The Studio has begun a fund and will donate $1000 per year of free yoga to individuals in need. In addition, we will also host donation-based classes with profits contributed directly to this fund.

Recipients will come from suggestions from our students as well as from outreach with various community groups. Please see the front desk or send us an email through our site if you know someone who would benefit.

We’re just getting started…


Funds raised to date:

The Studio donation 2011                $1000

Justin Rivas Master Class                  $660

Sarah Higgins Donation Class          $404.50

The Studio donation 2012                 $1000

Donations from students                  $303.50

The Studio donation 2013                 $1000

Community Flow Oct. 2013               $284.50

Community Flow  Jan. 2014              $222.50

Community Flow March 2014           $198

Community Flow September 2014    $94.25

The Studio donation 2014                  $1000

Community Flow January 2015        $232.50

Community Flow October 2015        $141.00

The Studio donation 2015                  $1000.00

The Studio donation 2016                 $1000.00

The Studio donation 2017                 $1000.00

Grateful Phlow                                    $443.59

Total raised     $9,984.34