If the bell rings, why should we run?

“If the bell rings, why should we run?”
~Henry David Thoreau

Henry David ThoreauHenry David Thoreau asked that question 165 years ago and we’d be served by asking it today.

If the phone rings, the text chimes, the email chirps and FB buzzes…why should we run? Keep asking yourself that. Why should we run? Why should we feel a relentless sense of urgency to respond? Why should our stress level climb with each new message?

Turning off our devices is an option and a good one. But many of us either don’t do this or feel anxiety when we turn them back on and are faced with a mountain of messages.

Let them call you, text you, email you, Facebook you. And when they do, use the incoming sound (or visual) as the bell of mindfulness.  Reminding you take a deep, slow, magical breath. Reminding you to ask yourself, “why should I run?”

…then answer/reply from a place of calm, in due time.

The above was an excerpt from Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau’s 6pm Sunday Flow class at The Studio.

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