Meet Suki Warda

Yoga & Yoga Barre Instructor

Yoga Barre: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am
Yoga: Mondays 12pm

suki SUpSuki comes from a diverse background of strength and grace. She brings her knowledge of deep pilates work and love of movement to both her Yoga Barre and Yoga classes. Suki has a full plate outside of The Studio; raising a family, designing jewelry, hanging out…and Standup Paddle Boarding. In fact, she will be leading an attempt to break the world record for the largest SUP Yoga class on July 12th at the Midwest Standup Paddle Festival held at Brittingham Park.

Suki on her love for Paddle Board Yoga:

As any Yogi knows, everything ‘off the mat’ becomes a place to do your practice. Trees, beaches, sunsets, rocks…why not a floating mat in a body of water? It is lovely to feel the growth. If you practice on your mat regularly, you will find a seamless transition of your practice onto the floating board. SUP Yoga is special way to deepen your breathe work, alignment, gratitude and humility for your practice.