Meet The Studio Member: Gil Altschul

Owner of Grampa’s Pizzeria

1374 Williamson Street

What led you to open Grampa’s?

I’ve always worked in restaurants. I wanted to have my own place so when I found the perfect location, I knew it was time. My Grandfather had a family pizza recipe which led to the name and the location just happened to be in the former  Grandpa’s Gun Shop.

Why did you choose Willy Street?

I grew up 4 blocks from here so, it’s really home. Before I opened the shop I was living in San Diego and moved home to be close to the support of family. With their help, I opened Grampa’s.

It’s early, what’s the start of a great day for you?

Yoga, or any other type of exercise. With a busy schedule, if I can start my day with any exercise, it’s great.

2 things on your bucket list?

Spend more time in Europe.

Odds ‘n Ends:

Grampa’s has been open for 15 months.
Gil is engaged to The Studio Member, Marissa Johnson since the Grand Opening of Grampa’s.
The couple share a home with their dog, Carl.

Favorite yoga pose?


Least favorite?

I like them all.

How did you fall into yoga?

In San Deigo, I practiced at a place near the restaurant. This practice moved me away from higher energy workouts. Yoga seems to be the best route for longevity in the type of work I do. With things so busy at the restaurant and with the opening of my new bar (next door to Grampa’s, partnering with my brother), the time I get in yoga to clear my head is important.

What might we find you doing when not running a restaurant or in down dog?

I love golfing. I golfed a lot this summer. Otherwise, I’m riding bikes and going to farmer’s markets.

It’s late, the doors are closed…what are you listening to?

Fleet Foxes, Joe Purdy, Atmosphere.

Best place you’ve set your feet?

It’s a tie. Culebra in Puerto Rico or Barcelona.