Meet The Studio Member : Matthew Earley

Co-founder of Just Coffee Cooperative


Matt Earley1Best time of day for yoga?

I was going to say the 6am classes, but that is more of a love/hate thing. (When Matt misses the 6 am, he pops in for 7:30 am Open Studio instead.)

Tell us about the women in your life…

My wife Kirsten is a freelance photo-stylist and fiddler in the Kentucky fried string band “Winn Dixie”. We have two girls. Siv is 18 and currently a nomad in Europe. Lula, age 11, plays 1,000 instruments and likes to read, write and rock.

Farmers’ Market favorite?

Right now? Apples, for sure. We buy 10 pounds a week right now and I eat at least 7 of them.

How do you unwind?

I enjoy playing music, being outside and hanging out with my family. I am a ridiculously passionate University of KY sports devotee and like to watch their games while shouting at the TV — it is an Earley family tradition.

On the mat:

First class: August 20th, 2011
Hours spent on the mat since: 302.75

Off the mat:

I am helping to organize “Exile on Willy Street” — a show at The High Noon in January that will feature a bunch of great Madison bands. Y’all should come.

Why coffee?

Coffee is really unique. Because it lends itself to conversation and story-telling, it is perfect to highlight how everyone involved in the trade is connected. Traveling and meeting farmers was one of the primary reasons we started JCC. I’m fortunate to get to see so much of the world. And it keeps me from falling asleep during the day.

How does your yoga practice impact your work off the mat?

I think it helps me be more patient and focused. It prepares me for long physical stints to coffee country, for sure.

What song best encompasses your outlook on life?

Depends on the day. Today its the New Pornographers song “You Tell Me Where”.

Just how much coffee do you drink?

A lot. Too much. So much it makes my eyeball throb. I’m not proud of that, but there it is.