Meet The Studio Member: Peter Duff

Stay-at-Home Father


Stay-at-Home Father

 Favorite pose?

Depends on the day, but lately Half-Moon really speaks to me.

Something that may surprise us?

Years ago I sought a Graduate Degree in Religious Studies, but quit after attempting to walk on water.

What is your favorite thing to do with your daughters?

That’s a tough one, though I really enjoy participating in their summer swim meets.  Together we get to embrace team spirit, exercise, and all the great social interaction associated with swimming.

What does your free time look like?

After fulfilling my Domestic Engineer duties, I’ll escape to my recording studio, which feeds my bliss.

It’s date night. What do you and your wife do for fun?

A romantic dinner, followed by a bit of whimsical window shopping. We then head home, and break out the “wah-wah pedal.”

What brought you to yoga?

Playing soccer at the collegiate level, followed by 15 years of indoor soccer, took its toll on my body. So much so that I was forced to quit the sport. Yoga was never on my radar, but for some reason, I decided to give it a shot. I’ll never forget my first yoga practice with Kathleen, because although it was initially challenging and awkward, the experience afterwards was incredible, like floating on air. When it came to athletics, I had always been a student of “No pain, no gain!” It was illuminating that one could actually receive a quality workout without feeling abused. Over time, I also recognized a sense of “divinity” during and after my practice, where the mind and body are functioning in greater accord with each other. That, more than anything, is what keeps me coming back.

Can you tell us about a time when you faced a fear?

Ultimately, I believe fear is helpful as long as we’re honest about it. If we’re afraid, why are we afraid? Does this particular fear exist only in our heads, or is it truly justified?

For example, my fear of attempting certain yoga poses at The Studio (i.e., steering clear of an exhausted/delirious collapse) helps prevent inflicting potential injury to my fellow yogis.

Or is that just a sad excuse?

What book are you into right now?

The last book I read was a Keith Richards autobiography (can you imagine having to transcribe his story?!?).

Do you practice yoga with your family?

Absolutely…not. My wife has her own exercise routine, and my girls just laugh whenever we do yoga – so it’s very much my own gig!

You’ve been a Member since June 2011. How has your practice evolved over the years?

I used to approach yoga with a specific intention, but now I simply show up with a receptive frame of mind, and whatever happens happens. No pressure, no expectations – just possibilities, and that’s been very liberating for my practice.

Most inspiring movie or play?

The Matrix. “There is no spoon.”

How do you feel about the transition into the Winter months?

I won’t beat around the bush on this – November blows! Suddenly there are no flowers, no butterflies, no sun, no nothing, No-vember! That said, once December hits, I fully embrace the snow and bitter cold, as it keeps the riff-raff away!

Describe yourself in three words.

I’m an Ass. (in reference to one of my favorite authors, Anthony De Mello).