Meet The Studio Member: Soyeon Shim

UW Madison School of Human Ecology

Dean, Professor, Ph.D.


Dean_Shim-lighterHow does your yoga practice at The Studio fit into your sense of purpose?

My yoga practice has helped me significantly during the transition period, particularly during the first winter, moving from Tucson to Madison. It adds significantly to the quality of life – both physically and mentally. Without The Studio experience, our transition would have been a lot more difficult. It is also a place my husband, Chris, and I come together (and occasionally our young adult children) as a family quality time that grounds us all to what’s important in life.

You were recently featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for your work as Dean. Take away message?

“We talk too much about disciplines, degrees and getting a job, not a holistic design for your life. We often focus on outcomes but ignore the process.”

Who you are in three words:

Hard working. Passionate. Fun-loving.

On the mat:

Member since December 2012.
Number of classes attended: 441

Off the mat:

Dean of SoHe since August 2012
Mother of two & spouse of Member Chris Choi

Something we do not know about you that might surprise us?

I just learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 56 to come to Yoga. I can now ride back and forth to The Studio, which has been one of the biggest accomplishments of summer.

What can Madison learn from Seoul where you grew up? Vice versa?

Madison can learn from Seoul about the pace in which things get done in government, education and industry. Seoul can learn from Madison to do more YOGA! Seriously. They need to calm down a bit to enjoy life.

Best time of year?

Of course, everyone loves summer here. But I have to say the winter is unique for me, and I vote for winter. I know it is strange, but somehow I am happy to enjoy what the Mother Nature brings to us for a change while snuggling with my blanket in front of my fireplace.