Weight. Why language matters.

have been asked, why the name Yoga for Weight Loss?

My answer is, because that is what it is. 

Why not call it Yoga for Wellness?

Because this program is specifically designed for those who want and need to lose weight. Wellness, of course, is also a result.

Why are we afraid to call it like it is? It is our very inability to call things like we see them, for what they are, our inability to speak directly, to use plain speak that interferes with our ability to address issues with impact. And I think that we in the yoga community are especially guilty of leaning on flowery, nonspecific language.

A yogic approach to weight loss is exactly what is needed. More truth, less fiction. Dealing with what is in a peaceful, curious, exploratory sort of way. A way that changes your outlook on the topic and thus your life and your life’s actions, forever. In order to lose weight, we have to move our bodies. There has to be a dedication to that. In order to lose weight we need to have reverence for and mindfulness of food we put into these beautiful vessels we have been given.

And. In order to lose weight we must have an understanding, an intelligent understanding of factors contributing to the weight gain…hormones, lack of sleep, too much stress, genetics, body image, food marketing, food politics (i.e. why there is now corn syrup in the vast majority of what is available) and yes…eating too much and moving too little.

Let’s get crazy accurate and precise about language.  Let’s not be afraid of words. Let us take the things that poke us straight on. Our pain around this issue (any issue) is there to wake us up. To wake us up, wake us up, wake us up. When we dumb down, flower up, universalize, and generalize language to make us feel better, we lose power to deal with the most pressing issues in our life.

Why is it called Yoga for Weight Loss?

Because that is precisely what it is.



Starts January 10th.