Yoga for Anxiety Private Sessions

3 peaceful hours. Designed specifically for you.


Young blond woman with her head against a wall , unsuccessfulIf stress and anxiety are getting in the way of fully living and enjoying your life and you’re ready for a more personalized approach, consider our Yoga for Anxiety Private Yoga Package.

Over the course of three one hour sessions, the sixty minutes will be about you. Part of the experience will be the setting…a peaceful, nurturing environment away from distraction. The rest will be customized to fit your needs: asana (poses) that are right for your body and situation (when desired); breathing and guided meditation; yoga adjustment/massage; aromatherapy.

A beautiful experience that can shift the felt tension and quite possibly your perspective and methods of moving through each day. Moving toward increased feelings of peace and comfort in your own skin.


$210 for three sixty-minute sessions