Fall Practice. A Note from our Yoga Director, Cass Hanson.

Cass HansonWith the first touch of crisp air I, personally, feel a strong pull to get sh** done. And the thing about getting stuff done is that you have to remove the obstacles that stand in the way. Those obstacles are at all junctures of our lives: work (the folder that desperately needs to be cleaned out), home (the closet that needs to be re-organized), love (clearing space for more time alone together), life (figuring out how to make that big trip happen next spring). And once all those things are more organized. I begin to feel productive and healthy, living with purpose.

But there is an added element to this: the need to practice yoga – for my body, my breath and my relationships. It is essential to organize my time in a way that I can get all of the above done but, also get my practice in so I sleep better and I am simply, happier. In relationship with the season, I find that fall is not a time to interfere with a schedule and patterns that work, but its is a time to sweep away pieces that are not working. Clear the space for your practice, but do it wisely. What days are the best for you to practice? Who are the teachers who best support your current practice? What days are just too hard to make it to The Studio? How long is too long to go without yoga? All of these questions are relevant for an honest approach to practicing regularity.

Fall is also a time to nest, so creating a routine that fees freeing, but also keeps you close to home is important at this time of year. Find classes that work cohesively with your schedule to allow you time for the things that you value most. Maybe making dinner for your family is a must, but you can sneak out after bedtime to practice at 7:45pm. Perhaps you can adjust your work schedule to leave early enough to attend the 4pm classes, which frees up the whole night. Or the 6:30pm class leaves you feeling ready for a soothing bath at home to wind down and get a great night’s sleep.

Possibly a certain instructor speaks to you so profoundly, that you will make it to their class, no matter when they teach. As individuals, we can listen to ourselves about what makes us feel stronger, happier and more grounded. The beauty of practicing at a place like The Studio, is the options are there; classes day and night, with a wide array of teaching styles and intensity. You simply have to do the work to show up and listen to how you feel.

Fall also gives us the reminder that nothing is permanent, so if something worked really well in the summer, it may still be working or it may need a shift. And a shift is what we are looking for. Slight improvement from one season to the next, year after year. The beauty is life keeps getting better with each little shift. Maybe this is the year you try something different or new in your yoga practice. Perhaps go to your first two-hour Master Class to learn to get deeper into a pose, try Kirtan for the first time even if you have a fear of singing in public (I can relate!) or maybe commit to two, early morning FIT classes a week for a month to see how it shifts your life. Trying something new that is in line with where your life is taking you is what it’s all about. It offers creativity and confidence and it inspires others to do the same. You led by example and branched out and others can see the change that it has brought to your life.

In short, listen to what is calling you this fall and step towards that calling. Clear the stuff (and sometimes it is literal stuff) that is standing in the way and free up the time and space you need to feel connected, grounded and open to small shifts. Practice your yoga when it makes sense to do so and be open to trying something new. Organize your life to include time with loved ones and time alone, time on the mat and time at home.


*Cass Hanson is the Yoga Director at The Studio. Book a class with Cass.