John & Erica Farewell Profile

1939835_10204274781415720_7392318094946549583_nWhere are you headed?

We are headed out west to Denver!

What will you two be doing once there?

John: I will be going back to school at the University of Denver for my Masters in Social work.

Erica: For the time being I will enjoy my time away from a 9-5 office job, most likely teaching as much yoga as possible. In the meantime I will try to get involved in the food access and justice scene, helping to write policy for food equality and equal access.

What will you miss most about Madison?

John: I will miss the charming little home that Erica and I shared here.

Erica: Definitely our house, but also the familiarity of Madison. We have lived here for 9 years, two and a half of them together and there is something to be said for the comfort of knowing so many people in a community. And the lakes! We are both pisces so moving away from water could get interesting…

What are you most excited about in your new city?

John: Denver has a strong Forrest Yoga community, mountains to snowboard on, sunshine 300 days a year. It’s entirely unfamiliar…I look forward to the changes headed our way.

Erica: New restaurants! Madison has a great food scene but I can’t wait for all new places to go. It has also been ages since I have been to the national parks out west so we will be taking a lot of weekend trips exploring this part of the country.

Any fun, last minute plans in Madison before you go?

John: We ended our day jobs a week and a half before we are leaving Madison so that we could really enjoy our last days here. It’s going to be a vacation at home.

Erica: I think in the couple of weeks we have free before the move I will be taking an excessive amount of yoga classes. Beyond that, just saying goodbye to our favorite places, one last bike ride to picnic point, and a lot of lake time. John also has us signed up to try fly boarding, at this point I am just hoping I survive the experience.

Any other fun facts about your departure/travel/arrival?

John: We are driving out there (twice), and on our way Erica has planned some stops to see abandoned ghost towns and banks that Bonnie and Clyde shot up. I get road crabby so it’s probably for the better that I’ll be able to get out and move around.

Erica: John is down-playing how much he hates driving, so I will be doing my best to keep him and our cat from losing their minds, I don’t know how fun that will be for anyone involved. Once we get there I am going to try and volunteer at a Wild Animal Sanctuary just outside of Denver that has over 400 lions, tigers, bears, foxes, and wolves roaming on 720 acres. My sister and I are die-hard animal lovers and big cats are just the best.


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