Meet Autumn Bonner: Instructor Profile

Mondays 6-7am at West
Fridays 6-7am Downtown

Yoga Series:
Heal. 6 week series held on Thursdays 5:45-6:45pm. Starts September 17th
(Heal. is a Therapeutic Yoga Series focusing on the lower body – low back, hip, knee, ankle, foot. Learn more.)



autumnSummer Fun:

My family has a cabin in Canada that I visit each summer. Big sky, clear water, and peaceful open views. The first thing I do when I get there is take a running leap off the dock.


After my Friday morning class I often go to Madison Sourdough, read the Isthmus, and have a sweet treat.


All time fave: Boys II Men, while dancing in the living room.
Currently digging: Cloud Cult
Best for Yoga: Love Bomb by EastWind

Stepping Out:

Our fave place on date nights is Jacs on Monroe Street.

Three Things:

1. I am a full time Doctor of Physical Therapy student and teaching yoga keeps me sane.
2. I make it a goal each year to spend at least one week in the woods backpacking.
3. Cat videos are my achilles heel.

Staying In:

Cooking our CSA share and making up a beverage concoction, then sharing with friends on our back porch for good eats and conversation.

Tell Us What You Are Passionate About:

I’m passionate about community and I’m passionate about movement. There is something about the atmosphere of a room of focused yogis that is truly uplifting. I’ve had many transformative experiences in that type of environment. This May 2016 I will graduate with my Doctorate or Physical Therapy degree, and I hope to use my degree to create atmospheres of community, movement, and healing wherever I go. Heal, the new therapeutic yoga series I am teaching here, is a new project which is a direct expression of that passion. I am very excited for it!