Meet The Studio Member : Andrea Romines

thumbnailYou live on a nature conservancy, what is the best and most challenging part?

My family has really grown to love all the nature around us. Turkeys are in our front yard 5 out of 7 mornings when we wake. It is fun to see them jump for berries off our trees or fight each other for dominance in the yard. At night, if the coyotes have slept in the park, we hear them howl for each other to come together and hunt. One morning as I was leaving for a 6am class, I even watched as a coyote chased two turkeys up the driveway for sport. Living in the wild comes with plenty of  challenges too. We have a constant battle with the mice every fall/winter on who will get to inhabit the warm house. Our little 10 pound dog is also a challenge. I have had coyotes watching us as he used the bathroom in the yard.

Favorite resident of the conservancy?

My youngest daughter names them all. Bruce is the red tailed hawk that sometimes lands on our cars and sits on the back deck. Tom and Grace are two of the coyotes that call our park home and have been seen playing in the backyard while we do homework. Our deer, Bambi and Clarice, are infrequently seen, but that makes them even more exciting.

Best time to practice:

I love morning practice. I mostly choose times after my children are in school and before I start my day, but the 6am class is probably my favorite. I love starting in the dark and feeling the day rise up with the sun in my practice.

What is it about yoga that brings you back to your mat?

I found yoga a year ago and a year and a half earlier, I had lost my healthy, fit, and young father to cancer. I didn’t know how to deal with the loss or the dramatic changes in my family relationships with him gone, so I sunk into a funk of depression and gained nearly 25 pounds. I was quite miserable, but didn’t even know it. From my first class I began crying during practice. It was a relief to let out the pain I had been holding on to and I began to feel healing. One day, an instructor told us that we hold emotions in our hips. I realized then that yoga wasn’t just about the fitness, but about a healing to my soul that I desperately needed. In the past nine months that I have made yoga my practice, I come back to the mat for strength, for warmth, for health and for healing.

What is it that you love most about The Studio?

The instructors are my FAVORITE at The Studio. They are all very friendly, knowledgeable, challenging and unique. In every class I have attended, I have felt safe under their care and instruction. I have been challenged, but not pushed by their cues. They have been wonderful and I have a sweet spot in my heart for each of them.

Fall fun:

I love the pumpkin patch, fresh apple cider, hay rides, the hunt for the perfect pumpkin and getting lost in a good corn maze.