Meet The Studio Member: Christine Kern Steffen

Certified Nurse Midwife with
The Madison Midwives


Christine Kern Steffen bwDescribe your profession as a midwife.

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife with The Madison Midwives in collaboration with Physicians For Women. I provide health care for women through their life span with an emphasis on pregnancy and childbirth. I support my clients in labor and women deliver their babies at Meriter Hospital. I am also a Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

What brought you to yoga?

Pregnancy is what brought me to yoga. I had dabbled a little before pregnancy, but I found a regular practice aided me so much with my outlook on life and balancing out they myriad emotions that seem to tumble around when one is pregnant. I was able to keep my mind and emotions clear and balanced. Years later, I can’t imagine life without a regular yoga practice.

Tell us about teaching prenatal yoga.

I love creating a community for pregnant women to share their experiences and find emotional balance while strengthening their bodies and preparing for childbirth.

Family fun?

I have three boys ages 13, 15 and 17. We love going to sporting events. We love to hike – at the moment we are working our way through a book titled ’60 hikes within 60 miles of Madison’.

What about on your own?

I love to read books, any books and all books. And yoga, of course. I also like to watch movies and knit.

Night out?

Sardine is my favorite at the moment, the food is wonderful and it is in walking distance from where I live.

Odds ‘n Ends:

Member at The Studio since 2013
Has lived in the Marquette neighborhood for 17 years.
Married to husband Dan for 15 years and lives with their 3 kids and their 9 year old lab, Nina.

Favorite yoga pose:

Goddess Pose. There is just something about it, both the name as well as the way you feel so open, like your heart is just open to the world and you are taking it all in.