Meet Jim Fabry: Instructor Profile


Gentle Flow Saturday at 10am

Flow Saturday at 11:15am



All time Fave:  Tool.  Any album, but Ænima seems to land the closest to home for me.

Currently Digging:  Steven Wilson’s latest two albums.

Best for yoga:  Dr. Jeffrey Thompson makes some excellent savasana tracks. I’ve been told I have “one of the best savasanas” and I give Dr. Thompson’s music a lot of the credit.


Best place you’ve set your feet: Swiss Alps—gorgeous.

And in your daydreams: Right away, tomorrow!  And to somewhere I’ve never been—New Zealand and India are front-runners for me.

Museum, Long Hike or Concert?

Concert or Long Hike, depending if I want to
recharge —hike, or take in more stimulation —concert.

Favorite meal to cook at home:

I like to keep it simple—a ton of mixed, steamed veggies on top of some type of grain —quinoa rocks my socks.

And one to splurge on:


Night In:

Working on my creative projects and spending time with my wife, Amber.

Day Off:

Walk to the park, cooking for myself and pouring energy into the things and projects I love.

What don’t we know about you:

I’m certified in reading the 7 universal facial expressions, including micro expressions—expressions that leak out at a fraction of a second when we try to hide our true emotions.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Up. For. Anything.