2016 Fall Yoga Immersion – Choose Your Path

2016 Fall Yoga Immersion: 

October 1st – November 11 (6 weeks)

Fall, it is the time of settling down and growing roots. A time to create a routine and stick to it. A time to slow, but also steady. Fall is time for yoga, and not just popping in here and there, but defining and creating a practice. This is what a yoga immersion is all about: practice.

We want your yoga to be an integral part of feeling fit, calm and open…but we recognize that the journey is intensely personal. This immersion is individualized by directing it towards your current goals and needs. We also want it to be sustainable…an approach you can lean into the rest of your life and not just scrap the minute the immersion is over.

For the Fall 2016 Yoga Immersion, you will choose the number of weekly classes you can commit to. You will design the immersion to fit your goals, needs and lifestyle. We want you to set a realistic challenge – one that pushes you towards your goals, but does not burn you out.

Decide on a realistic commitment of weekly classes to practice, and then multiply that number by 6 – that is how many punches you will need to complete the immersion.

Sign up:

Sign-up in person at either location or send us an email with the subject line: Fall Yoga Immersion to let us know your plan. We will create a punch card for you at your desired location. You are also welcome to schedule a yoga advisor appointment to discuss your plan and goals in person.


  • Minimum 3 classes per week, maximum 6 classes per week.
  • You are responsible for accomplishing your goal and tracking completion. The Studio will cross-check that you attended your total number of classes.  At the end of the immersion, as long as you have completed your total number of classes attended, you will receive a handmade tea-cup.  But, you will be the one to look back and decide, did I accomplish my goal? Or should I re-align for next time? What did I learn? This is where the real growth happens.
  • Participation in the immersion is free! You just have to pay for your classes. Find out more about Membership at The Studio.



Look for magic in the daily routine.

~ Lou Barlow