3 Tips to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Mats on doorWe sweat on it. We walk on it. We leave it in our cars for days on end. It needs to be cleaned, it just does or it will end up smelly and gross. 

3 tips to clean your mat:

  1. Dry it off before rolling it up. This goes a long way toward a better smelling mat.
  2. Consider spraying it with a homemade mat spray. (See recipe below.)
  3.  Air it out. Air it out.

(You should check with your mat manufacturer to see if there are instructions specific to your mat.)

Set yourself up for success:

  • Dry it: Keep a small supply of dry cleaning rags in your bag to dry the sweat off (don’t roll it up wet.) Throw the rag right in the wash with your sweaty yoga clothes.
  • Spray it: Keep a big bottle of homemade mat spray on hand at home and consider bringing a small spray bottle with you (you can find empty small spray bottles at Willy Street Coop). Here is a lovely recipe for mat spray: 40 drops of Tea Tree Oil plus 20 drops of Lavender added to 32 ounces of water. The essential oils have natural antibacterial properties and help it smell delicious.
  • Air it: Pick a dedicated place at home to let your mat air out when damp…over a door, over a chair, laid out on the floor. You might even consider rolling it out on the back seat on the drive home.
  • Bathe it: If your mat is in a particularly sorry state,  you may want to pull it into the shower and soak it down or even float it in your bathtub. If you do this, be sure to place multiple towels under it as it dries out. (Again, be sure to check with your manufacturer about this.)


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