Community Supported Yoga with The YWCA of Madison

Community Supported Yoga:

with The YWCA of Madison and Nelle Rutecki


The Studio is a source of inspiration, support and nourishment not only for its practitioners and Members, but also its Staff and Teachers. From the clean, attentive design to the content of what is being offered in a classroom setting, The Studio is a rich and fertile platform for growth.

heart-hands-2Without a doubt, this has been the narrative for SO many people who step foot inside its walls. Community Supported Yoga is The Studio’s newest initiative to making yoga more available for all people, so that we can grow not only as individuals, but as community.

The upcoming beneficiary  is the YWCA of Madison.  In honor of The YWCA we will hold a donation based class for all peoples of the Community in the spirit of creating abundance as well as awareness.  The money we raise through Community Supported Yoga will directly fund a Yoga practice for the Women and Staff of The YWCA.  Through Community Supported Yoga, we the people of The Studio will extend our efforts and our presence in helping to make and keep yoga accessible for all people regardless of income or circumstance.


WHEN: Saturday, November 19th from 12-1:15pm

WHAT: An all levels donation based class, focused on the fundamentals and benefits of a consistent yoga practice


WHERE: The Studio downtown (625 Williamson St)


WITH WHOM: You, all your friends, the YWCA community, and Nelle (instructor)


COST: Save your spot and sign up online with a minimum donation of $15 OR walk-in with a suggested donation of $5.


Sign up with a $15 donation to save your spot in class


Can’t make the class? 

Show your support by Donating at the front desk!