Don’t Wait Until January

 Don’t wait. Don’t wait.

74b6f8ed-d3d8-4d0d-bd99-4ce0e23602e0There is something so exciting about now. Right NOW. This luscious, juicy moment in your life. Right now you can take immediate action that will move you closer to a healthy, chock-full-of-vitality existence. One that leaves you feeling great in your body and your life. There is zero reason to wait until the New Year. Zero.

Why do we wait until January to start eating better, to start working out consistently, to recommit to our yoga and meditation practice? Not only do we wait, but we allow (hell we invite) a landslide in our health. With the excuse of the holidays, we eat like crap, we work out less, and we feel miserable in the process. It does not have to be this way. It could be exactly the opposite. You can make that decision: right, beautiful, now.


6 immediate things you can do:

  1. Take one deep slow breath.
  2. Give up sugar until January 1 (the only thing you’ll miss is the sugar lows and the extra pounds)
  3. Set up and commit to a 5 day per week yoga/workout/meditation schedule until January 1 (when maybe, just for grins, you’ll up it to 6 days per week.)
  4. Drop to the floor and do 50 push ups.
  5. Stand up and do 5 Sun Salutations.
  6. Walk out the door and let the sun touch you, the crisp air fill your lungs and the birds and rustling leaves dance on your eyeballs and in your ears.


6 immediate things you can do at The Studio:

  1. Book a class.
  2. Come to Fit Tribe (holy smokes have you seen this option??)
  3. Come tonight to The Great Conversation.
  4. Book a Private Yoga Lesson.
  5. Book a Personal Fitness Training session.
  6. Request help setting up a schedule that you can commit to.  Send us a message.

Slide into January already strong, already at or moving toward your healthiest weight, already committed, focused, pink cheeked and full of love and lust for this beautiful life.

~Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau