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A Personal Note from The Studio Owner, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau carI don’t know about you, but I’m ready to shake things up in March. I have a lot on my plate in this upcoming month and I want to do everything I can to bring the best of me to that equation. On the business front, The Studio is launching several new and exciting initiatives in April (stay tuned!) which means the groundwork has to be done in March. On the personal front, my kids are hoops players which has me at gyms all over this beautiful state, I’m getting my house ready for sale, and…I have a birthday. It’s not a bad birthday or a sad birthday, just something that makes me want to dig in and be sure I’m taking damn good care of myself.

So here’s what I’m going to do to try to insure my energy level and focus is at its highest level this month:

  1. No sugar in March. For me, that simply means no candy, no soda, no ice cream, no bakery/desserts. At various times throughout the past ten years, I have given up sugar and I’m always, always better for it. My energy is more consistent, my weight drops, and my thinking is clearer. I want all three of those things this March, so dropping sugar is a no brainer for me. The first two weeks will feel like hell in terms of cravings, but then free and clear. Free and clear. Free and clear. Isn’t that what we all want?
  1. Modified Ayurvedic morning routine every day of March. I’m not an expert in Ayurveda. Not even close. But I do love the morning list of suggested rituals and any morning I follow even a modified version of them, the day unfolds in a clearer, more focused and productive manner. The rituals wake you up before the coffee…can you imagine?? Instead of spending the first part of the morning foggy and groggy and wishing you could slide back into bed, you’re quietly energized. Quietly ready. Better for yourself and everyone around you. Here’s the list I follow immediately upon waking:
  • Wake up early and at the same time every morning.
  • Upon waking, sit on the side of your bed for a few moments. Use your sense of touch to drop into a brief sensory meditation…feel the way the floor meets your feet, the way your pajamas sit on your skin. Feel the rise and fall of your breath.
  • While still sitting on your bed, drink a full glass of room temperature water (put one on the night stand the evening before.)
  • Splash your face seven times with cold water. Let the water touch your eyeballs.
  • Scrape your tongue, brush your teeth.
  • Do a self massage on your full body from scalp to toes using a heavy oil like sesame. (There are some great videos available online as to how to do this.)
  • Shower and wash the oil off.
  • Go grab the day.

Again, this is a very modified version of an Ayurvedic morning routine, but it’s one that works for me and I plan on doing it every day in March. Try it just once and see how you feel. On mornings that I am more pressed for time, I skip the oil massage.

My days and weeks are full of moving targets as it relates to demands on my time and energy. Because of this, it is helpful for me to instill a few boundaries. A few clear things that let me find my footing.  Are you interested in joining in? There’s nothing formal to do other than to make the commitment to yourself. I’ll post some weekly updates and be on hand to answer questions. If you go down this path in March, I’d love to know…please shoot me an email. There is strength in numbers.

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Author: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau is the owner of The Studio, a certified yoga teacher and certified personal trainer.