Meet a Member: Taylor Harvey



Taylor HarveyYou have been a member since 2014 why do you choose The Studio?

I was taken by the beauty of The Studio. I love the diversity of classes offered: for instance, the intensity of Meg’s Monday night class, then plopping down for Yin when I have the time for a back-to-back. I love the tea, and that it’s a place full of friendly faces.

Instructors typically play music in classes, what do you listen to outside of here?

Oh, gosh. I’m everywhere when it comes to music. I love listening to jazz when I’m lounging around the house, particularly Wynton Marsalis and Nina Simone. I’m also loving Kurt Vile’s latest album, and everything Courtney Barnett in general. Her songwriting is so clever I can’t get enough. Paul Simon’s “Graceland” speaks to my soul, as does Joni Mitchell’s “Blue.” Radiohead is another timeless choice for me. And the Dead. Such a mood booster.

You practice several times a week, how has yoga helped you?

I’m 24, and there’s so much change happening in my life right now. My practice has helped me grow into myself more then ever, and to do so in a way that’s honest. It’s helping me build the life I want, and to stay centered, grounded and grateful for where I am on my journey instead of comparing myself to others.

I’m also more compassionate and loving toward myself, which is huge to me.

What do you do outside of The Studio?

I work, I write, I volunteer as a coach at Girls on the Run, I hang out along the lake, I goof around with my amazing friends and boyfriend, I jam out to music, I listen to podcasts, I read, I cook. I will tackle my first garden this spring!

What is your favorite pose and/or what pose are you really working on currently?

It’s really tough for me to choose a favorite pose, because I’m always working on a different areas of my body. But, historically, it’s been pigeon. That whole second-chakra area of my body is a powerful area for me. I constantly need to be working with it. So, props to the yogi who discovered pigeon.

What do you do for work?

Writing has always been my thing. I wrote short stories in grade school, edited all news coverage for my college newspaper (Daily Cardinal forever!) and now, I’m a copywriter and do press work for an ad agency here in Madison. My career up to this point has been pretty fluid — I’ve been a reporter, an editor, a blogger, and now, I produce copy and press materials — but everything has always come back to writing. It’s a tough craft but it’s one that you can always improve at, which is what I love about it.

Favorite place for dinner and possible drinks in Madison right now?

Ha Long Bay! There’s nothing more satisfying than a big bowl of pho. I also love beer. Tipsy Cow is usually a go-to for me when I’m on the square. Such a great tap list! Otherwise, you can find me hanging at the Caribou with friends.

What is something we could of never guessed about you?

That I’m from New Jersey, am still getting the hang of pumping my own gas, and will patiently argue with you (complete with hand gestures) if you say Chicago is better than NY style pizza.

Where is the best place you have been?

I studied for a semester in Cape Town, South Africa. A couple of friends and I road tripped along the southern coast of the country to a small Xhosa village on the Eastern Cape called Coffee Bay. The scenery and colors were breathtaking. I saw the brightest green rolling hills and bluest sky I’ve ever laid eyes on. There were also these small turquoise huts that dotted the horizon and complemented the natural beauty of it all so perfectly. It was magical.

Reading anything? Tell us about it! 

I’m the type of person who usually reads four books at once. Right now, I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. If you’re into fantasy, Murakami is king. This is my third novel of his. His writing draws me in right away. I’m also reading Joan Didion’s Slouching Toward Bethlehem. Joan, a master of the craft, is a fifth generation Californian (there aren’t very many of those!) and she wrote this collection of essays about her home state in the 1960’s, during the counterculture movement. And she speaks about the incoming youth, the culture, with such distain (and hilarity)! As someone who fell in love with counterculture San Francisco as a young girl, I’m wistful for what the city used to be — it’s changed so much now. But Joan helped me realize California is a place that’s destined to evolve, and each generation living there always bids farewell to their version of the state.

Describe yourself in three words. 

I would say I’m caring. I like to take care of my loved ones and I’m passionate about issues. I’m also a curious person. I ask a lot of questions and love exploring new places and learning about other people. Lastly, I’m persistent. I like to see thing through.