No sugar update: Week 1

Per my March Sanity post, I’ve given up sugar for the month of March and implemented a few Ayurvedic wake-up rituals. And wow! So many of you emailed to say that you are jumping in on this that I thought I’d send my updates out to everyone.

  • The first day of no sugar was the hardest because out of the blue I found myself dreaming and scheming of sugary things I had not had in years. I won’t mention those specific things here because I don’t want to trigger those thoughts or cravings in your head. However, beyond the first day, this first week was easier than anticipated. Part of that is because I’ve given up sugar before and knew what to expect. Part of it is that I was ready ready ready with other/better foods to keep me full.
  • AvocadoOne of those foods is avocado. I’ve grown to love avocados over the past few years but I didn’t eat them often because they were a bit messy to deal with. I never felt like they were a quick or flexible or stand alone option…only something for when you had the time to make a full salad or the time and space to cut them up and transport the cubes into a bowl, etc. But holy smokes I found a new way to eat them. Simply cut them in half, pull the pit out, sprinkle each half with a bit of sea salt and scoop the creamy lusciousness right out of the shell with a spoon. Crazy tasty and full of the healthy fat (the kind that’s good for your ticker and your brain) and filling enough to keep your mind off of crème brulee. I’ve been throwing one in my purse every morning and have it as a mid-morning snack.
  • Regarding my morning Ayurvedic  routine, I’ve done it daily and it’s been a helpful in waking up more energized. My day begins a little prettier in spirit. Two things to note:
  1. I only got the oil massage in two out of the past seven days. My goal this week is to hit at least three times because that takes the whole process from good to great.
  2. Some of you asked what I use to scrape my tongue. I don’t own an official tongue scraper. I use a spoon instead, and it works great. One day this week I forgot to lay the spoon out on my sink the night before, so I just used my toothbrush. It did the trick, but for some reason it’s not quite as gratifying. (If you use an official tongue scraper or a spoon, you’ll notice the white film that comes off the tongue. You can be grossed out by that or fascinated.)


P.S. On the personal side, my daughter’s basketball team made it to the state tournament which is  exciting but also further compresses the already compressed March schedule. And a POD arrived at our home on Sunday and we began moving boxes to prep the house for sale. This was more emotional than I expected. Makes me even more grateful that I committed to no sugar and a few morning rituals this month. I love that this spoke to so many of you…your emails, stories and questions are keeping this fun and inspiring. Keep ’em coming.


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Author: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau is the owner of The Studio, a certified yoga teacher and certified personal trainer.