Yoga for the Red Tent

A practice to support and nourish your menstrual cycle.


Tent-under-the-stars-000079532443_MediumOne of the primary aims of yoga asana practice is to connect the mind, the body and the spirit. As women, it is important that we practice in ways that nourish our connection to self as we cycle through the fluctuating rhythms, seasons and phases of womanhood. The female body spends a few days each month for a good portion of our lives doing the important physical, emotional and psychic work of releasing and renewing. It is a time best supported by rest, stillness, quiet and contemplation. Of course, much of our busy lives are not so conducive to rest – but our yoga practice can be.

This 2-hour workshop is going to give you all of the tools that you need to best support yourself during the first three days of your cycle. It will teach you how to rest and restore deeply for optimal feminine and reproductive health.


WHEN: Sunday, November 20th 4-6pm

WHERE: The Studio Downtown (625 Williamson Street)

Members: $25 early bird before November 6th, $35 thereafter
Non-Members: $35 early bird before November 6th, $45 thereafter

THE INSTRUCTOR: Meg Abene Newlin


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*Cancellations that occur more than 14 days from program date will be charged a $10 cancellation/administrative fee. Cancellations less than 14 days of program date will receive a 50% refund – any cancellations within 48 hours or less of program date will not be refunded.