Yoga THEN run?

Kathleen Running FB


Yoga then run?

It’s a thing.

It is now gorgeous, gorgeous fall running weather. The kind of running that can bring you to your knees with the stupendous beauty of it all. See my FB above after a run last Sunday. Those words dumped right out of my heart and through my fingers.

I have a suggestion. Have you ever considered first doing a yoga class and then going for a run? I realize it may seem more intuitive to first run, then head into a yoga class to lengthen it all out and wind down. And yes, that does feel great and offer benefits. But here is my pitch for the opposite…

By first doing yoga, you warm, lengthen and activate the muscles. You lubricate the joints and tap into a sense of peace and focus. You then bring all of this to that first step on your run…that first mile. Suddenly the beginning of the run, instead of being creaky and cranky and tight, is fluid and light. The body ready. The mind steady and joyful instead of rebelling. You feel like you could run forever.

Try it. Then please send me a message to let me know how it goes. I’d love to know if this experience is universal or just how my own body and mind respond.

**If you’re not a runner, this is the perfect time of year to start.  Put on some running shoes and jog halfway down the block, then turn around and walk home. Tomorrow jog a full block. And so on and so on.  Until the blocks turn into miles, until the miles turn into smiles…and maybe even a 5k, 10k or…marathon. 


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