30 in 60 New Year Yoga Immersion

That’s right, 30 classes in 60 days. unspecified-9

3 or 4 classes per week, consistently, for 8 and a half weeks. Starting Monday, January 16th.

Will it be easy?
For most, no.

Will it be transformational?
Heck yeah.

Will you learn something about yourself? Absolutely.

If you are someone who is looking to deepen your practice, the number one thing to do is to cultivate consistency. To show up regularly. To prioritize your time on your mat. This is the way, and it is the only way. So we are setting an achievable goal, but one that requires dedication, consistency, and a plan.

The 30 in 60 Yoga Immersion starts Monday, January 16th. The last day of the immersion is Thursday, March 16th.


How to approach this immersion:

1) Sign up! The sign-up sheets are located at both locations. Or email us. Participation is free, you simply pay for the classes you attend.

2) Put the classes on your calendar. Really write or type the classes you plan to attend into your calendar as if they were meetings or dinner dates. (And then schedule your meetings and dinner dates around the classes). Maybe even schedule some back-up classes in case the unexpected happens.

3) Think ahead. Do you have a vacation planned in mid-February? Then do the math and figure out how many classes that means per week while you are in town, one week off means you need to practice consistently 4 classes per week for the rest of the immersion.

4) Set goals for yourself. What do YOU want to gain from this immersion? Are you looking to deepen a certain pose? Are you seeking more relaxation and peace? Are you excited to start a new fitness routine? Set your goals and track your progress.

5) Slow and steady wins the race. The gift for successfully completing the immersion is a The Studio handmade teacup. But the grand prize is the overwhelming sense of commitment to yourself and your practice. Letting the dedication resonate through your body and soul. This immersion is not about squeezing 30 classes into the last 3 weeks, it is about setting the stage for long-term progress. Whether you make 30 punches on your card or not, be proud of yourself for showing up week after week.

This immersion is designed for you – to help you stay present and committed. The practice of yoga brings vibrancy to your body, clarity to your mind, and fortifies healthy and positive relationships by balancing your energy.

Show up. Feel great. Do yoga.