Mindfulness for Daily Living

Guided mindfulness practice and instruction


lotus-flowerThese sessions will include guided sessions in mindfulness and instruction in techniques to support the development of an ongoing personal practice.

Mindfulness training helps us to abide with the full range of emotions and events that occur in our daily life. It has been shown to an effective and accessible method to deal with stress, improve mental resilience and increase feelings of well being.

Each session will allow participants to explore how mindfulness can support a greater sense of ease and support cultivation of compassion towards our self and others.


Meet the instructor, Shastri Mark Blumenfeld:

mark-blumenfeld13Mark began his practice and study of mindfulness in 1979. He is the Shastri (senior teacher) for the Shambhala Meditation Center of Madison. He has taught programs in meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and Shambhala for over twenty years and has led extended retreat practice at Shambhala land centers. He is currently teaching the Way of Shambhala, a series of courses that focuses on deepening a regular mindfulness practice and cultivating and extending basic human goodness into everyday life.



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Wednesdays at 4:45-5:45pm


WHERE: The Studio DOWNTOWN (625 Williamson St)



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