Posture Clinic

 If you have ever been in a class and wanted more information about a pose…what it looks like and what it’s primary actions are, then posture clinics are for you. This is an opportunity to take an in-depth look at a specific pose seen frequently in classes. We will break down all of the component pieces for the posture so that we can better prepare ourselves for the form. The goal is for each person to walk away from the posture clinic with a better idea of how to work within your own pose so that the next time it is called in class, you know where you are and what you need to do. This clinic is for all yoga practitioners, from the very new to those who practice often and like to get nerdy about alignment.


  ALL LEVELS. There is never a time when returning to the basics is a bad idea.


$10 Members, $25 Non-Members


Posture Clinics are held at our WEST side location.



Meg Abene Newlin is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher. Her devotion to the practice and teaching of yoga is a gift to all the students she touches. She brings 12+ years of teaching experience to each class, and makes the student’s progress her goal. Meg is passionate about the transformative value of yoga practice and yoga asana, she hopes that you will join her on this journey.




  • Sunday, April 2nd 11am-1pm: Virasana (Hero Pose)Meg Hero Pose

In this posture clinic we will explore the seated pose Virasana and the reclined form Supta Virasana. These are poses that make a big ask of the ankles, knees, calves and quads.  We will use our time together to better understand the form and alignment of the pose itself as well as ways to address building the pose with and without props.  A true hero of a posture, this pose positively affects the digestive, reproductive and nervous systems.


  • Sunday, February 5th 11am-1pm: Downward Facing Dog

down-dog-megDownward Facing Dog is one of the most foundational yoga postures, and with good reason. Not only does it function as a semi-inversion but it also is profoundly opening for the shoulders, upper back, hips and hamstrings. When done correctly, down dog can hep prepare the body for every class of pose. In this posture clinic, we will systematically break down each component piece of down dog and explore ways to better prepare for and subsequently deepen the posture itself.