Summer at The Studio

Two fantastic Yoga Immersions this summer:

Summer at The Studio

How will you live summer 2017? Being pulled from activity to activity, wishing you had more time?

Or clear, intentional and vibrant.

This summer at The Studio we are looking at things a little differently – instead of letting your  practice slide just when you need your strength, flexibility and mental clarity the most,  we encourage you to make it a priority and go deeper with it. Commit to practice more often and with greater consistency.


To help, we have two exciting Summer Immersions:

  1. The Summer Sunrise Immersion – practice 3 times per week with the sunrise June – August. Start your day grounded, light and awake for whatever comes up.
  2.  The Summer Study which includes 3 workshops, privates and weekly practice with Gayatri Devillier.
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Whether you are participating in an immersion or not, we ask that you start each day this summer with the intention to prioritize your health, to allow for clarity in your mind, and to leave room for downtime for your soul. Take the long way on your bike, go for walk simply because it is a beautiful evening, or sit by the lake just to feel the breeze. Yoga gives us the ability to remember how important feeding the body, the mind and the soul really is. And when practiced regularly, it becomes an unwavering part of who we are. Don’t let summer set you back or slow you down, instead allow the momentum of sunshine and long days inspire you to be you.

Clear, strong and ready for anything. 

Also happening this summer…

  • Adventurous? Try Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga with Suki. Three sessions, one each month – and they are filling up fast!
  • Love to bring your practice outside? Outdoor Flow with Cass begins on July 12th. This class is free for everyone!
  • Is this the summer you find your inner strength? Fit Tribe meets 3 times weekly.