Summer Study

Summer Study 1This summer, go beyond the asanas.

This summer, go beyond the asanas (poses) and learn to bring practice into your daily life. Each month you will be offered a seed: workshops in Meditation, Dinacharya (daily practices), and The Yoga Sutras (contemporary interpretations of traditional teachings).

Each workshop in the Summer Study will help you commit to yoga as a lifestyle and grow each concept into a lifetime of practice. In addition to the monthly workshop and the suggested personal practices, Summer Study incorporates the Summer Sunrise Immersion component of regular practice.

You will receive an individualized approach to your commitment in the form of two personal practice sessions with Gayatri, each 30 minute private session will offer a personalized assessment on how to grow your yoga practice.

Summer Study 2The summer study includes commitment to attend public meditation and yoga classes, two 30-minute private sessions with Gayatri, three workshops laced throughout the summer and a journal to track your progress. The immersion ends with a farewell Kirtan event before Gayatri moves to Colorado.

Summer study is for both advanced and new-to-yoga students, the concepts offered are suitable for all levels – each person enrolled will practice at their level. 

Members $135  – includes 3 workshops, two private sessions, and a journal to track your progress.

Non-Members $350 – includes 3 workshops, two private sessions, unlimited yoga classes for 3 months and a journal to track your progress.

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100000153_largeGayatri, who is leading the workshops as well as the private sessions, is a special person in our midst. She will be returning to Colorado in the fall, don’t miss this opportunity to immerse with her this summer.