Summer Sunrise Immersion

Wake with the Sun. SummerSunrise Immersion

Commit to an early morning practice this summer. Ancient yogis recognized the power of morning practice and were unwavering in their commitment.

Attend three, 6 am yoga classes per week June 26 through August 27. Start your summer days off with sunrise, movement and peace in your heart. And the entire glorious day ahead of you…wide open.

*We know that not everyone is able to attend 6am practices, due to life circumstances. For those who absolutely cannot make the early morning classes, you can choose a different class time and attend that same time three times per week, unwavering.

You will track your classes with a punch card at either location.

A thank-you gift will be given upon successful completion of the summer sunrise immersion.


If I miss a class can I still complete the immersion?


Due to the nature of this immersion, we have our eyes set on the long term goal – a consistent and dedicated practice. Anyone who can attend 3 times per week each week for the full 8 weeks will get a special thank you gift.


I have a vacation planned, can I still participate in the immersion?

Absolutely! There is a 1-week vacation allowance for the Summer Sunrise Immersion. 

What are those dates again?

The immersion starts Monday, June 26th and ends Sunday, August 27th. 

How do I sign up?

There is a sign-up sheet at both locations. 

How much does it cost?

It is free to sign-up, you simply pay for the classes you attend.