The Great Conversation: move your DNA

The Great Conversation: move your DNA


One of the most frequent conversations in the world of yoga, circles around bringing our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives.  For many of us, we realize pretty quickly that our modern western lifestyles are not naturally supportive of a particularly yogic lifestyle and what is more, yoga itself isn’t the complete TriCupid Valve2picture. 

But just as we look into the past to understand the teachings of yoga and apply what we learn to understanding ourselves more fully, so can we likewise look toward our ancestors as a means for understanding natural lifestyle and primal movement.  We will explore these ideas in greater depth as we dive into discussion about the book Move Your DNA by biomechanist Katy Bowman M.S. This book is one of the primary resources for a growing group of folks exploring natural movement as a means for vibrant health and wellness. 

Expect a discussion that is equal parts science, experience and anecdote and will change the way we think about how we move.



The Great Conversation:


The setting is lovely, the tea is hot, the conversation is life-changing.



Wednesday, March 1st  from 6:30-7:30pm
The Studio, downtown, 625 Williamson St. 
Members attend FREE of charge. Non-Members may use a class pass or drop in at the rate of $8
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