The Great Conversation: Personal Energy Management

The Great Conversation: Personal Energy Management


photo-1462307883847-153a447c1131 (1)Beyond the global energy crisis, many of us are experiencing a very personal energy crisis. Our resources depleted, we operate in a constant state of stress or exhaustion, rarely able to tap into our highest gifts. We turn again and again to time management in an attempt to squeeze more in or more out, but little changes and the quiet despair continues. What about a radical new approach? Instead of time, we learn to manage our personal energy…your most precious resource. Can you imagine the staggering impact this can have on your life? The mountains you can move? The people you can see and love and be so damn present for?

Join Kathleen for our next Great Conversation. This discussion is about balance, honesty,  saying no,  and saying yes. Whether you are successfully figuring this one out for yourself or need all the advice you can get, this evening is for you.

The Great Conversation: The setting is lovely, the tea is hot, the conversation is life-changing.

Wednesday,  April  5th  from 6:30-7:30pm


Where: The Studio, downtown, 625 Williamson St.


Cost: Members attend FREE of charge. Non-Members may use a class pass or drop in at the rate of $8