Upcoming Master Class: Natarajasana with Nicole

  • Upcoming Master Classes at The Studio (Each: $10/Members, $25/Non-members)


Master classes are an invaluable way to grow and enrich an existing yoga practice. The teacher will demonstrate, breakdown and workshop designated postures and sequences—including alignment, benefits, and contraindications. This allows each practitioner to go into chosen postures with more depth and instructional detail than in a regular class. Master classes tend to focus on subtle, finer points within a pose, and can change one’s entire practice with a single A-ha moment.


Master Classes are held at our Downtown location.


Upcoming Master Classes:

  • Saturday, May 13th 12-2pm: Natarajasana (King Dancer Pose) with Nicole Roerick

King Dancer Master Class

Natarajasana (King Dancer) and it’s sister pose, Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon) are big heart opening poses with variations for everyone. This back-bending class will focus on different ways to explore opening the chest, shoulders, hips, and thighs. We will start small and continue to build towards King Dancer and King Pigeon poses in a safe and aligned way. The class will build upon each variation of the backbends and allow for a deeper acknowledgement and awareness of the body.
In addition to the physical benefits of opening the front body, these poses ignite deeper layers by tapping into the energetic areas of the body. Strong back bends can release stored emotions such as: frustration, fear, anger, sadness, as well as joy and love. With strong intention we will encourage transformation within ourselves.
This class is open to ALL levels and will be beneficial for everyone.


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NNicole headshoticole Roerick, previously taught at The Studio in 2011/2012. Originally from Fargo, ND, Nicole relocated to Cairo, Egypt from Brooklyn, NY in July 2014. A passionate Yoga Teacher and Yogini, she found yoga through Dance and has benefitted from it in more ways than she thought possible. She has been practicing since 2007 and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification in NYC in 2010. She has studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles and has worked with Anusara and Iyengar teachers. This diverse background shines through in her teaching. Nicole focuses on working towards proper alignment and muscle usage in the body while also focusing on individual needs and adjustments. Her teaching is fluid, direct and very light-hearted.


In addition to her yoga life, she is also pursuing dance choreography and performance and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UW-Madison in Dance. She believes that both of these worlds are connected and intertwined and enjoys sharing that connection with her students.





Past Master Classes at The Studio:

Jess handstand w borderBuild a solid foundation from the ground up and feel confident upside-down. By bringing awareness to the hands, stabilizing the shoulder girdle and waking up the deep core muscles, Jess will help you develop the physical and mental strength it takes to bring your toes over head in this playful two-hour workshop. We will also face the fear of falling by learning and practicing what to do when things go awry…upside down. Handstand. It’s not the goal; it’s the journey to the goal.




  • Saturday, October 8th 12-2pm: Transitions with Cass Hanson

Longevity in your practice.

transitions-master-class-with-cassHands. Feet. Hips. Core. Intelligently using these body parts to transition in and out of poses with grace and fluidity with the intention on keeping your practice safe and strong, for life. In this workshop we will focus on each of these parts to connect to both simple and difficult transitions. We will practice, and as we move through them, come closer to a practice that cannot be stopped – one that keeps flowing and moving. The more easeful the simple movements become, the more easeful the difficult movements become.

Specifically, we will work on:

  • Hands – where and how they should be placed and the amount of weight that should be put into them during different poses.
  • Feet – how to use them to move from one pose to the other and have them guide and inform you rather than getting tripped up along the way.
  • Hips – becoming aware of hip orientation and engagement – where your hips go, you go.
  • Core – learning to integrate deeply into the core for smoother transitions including jumping and floating.

In this workshop we will start simple with a sun salutation refresh and practice flowing both up and down, to and from standing poses. We will practice jumping and moving forward and backward on the mat. We will take a look on the advanced transitions, progressing in and out of arm balances with power and grace.

This is an all-levels workshop, intended to help all practitioners gain grace and safety in their practice. Cass’ hope is that students leave this workshop more prepared and excited for their vinyasa yoga practice.



  • Saturday, November 12th 12-2pm: Introduction to Ayurveda with Tiffany Huard

balasanabw-ayurveda7What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic system of wellness centered upon the harmony between your mind, body and soul. It is this equilateral relationship that supports your health, vitality and longevity. Ayurveda is both a healing medical science and an art of daily living. It provides tools and concepts to help you work intelligently with your body and mind as you move through the seasons (of life and earth).

What to expect?

In this workshop we will focus on the relationship between Ayurveda and yoga asanas (postures) to cultivate a deeper sense of balance within body and mind. We will begin with a discussion of some of the foundational principles of Ayurveda, including the elements and how they manifest both within our bodies and our environment. Discover your dosha (individual constitution) and how that provides direct insight into your lifestyle. We will explore the autumn/early winter seasonal propensities to feeling ungrounded, anxious and scattered in mind. Together we will flow through a yoga practice crafted for the season and personally optimized to best serve you. You will leave with practical tools to integrate into your yoga sadhana and lifestyle.



  • Saturday, December 10th 12-2pm: Forward Folds & Pranayama with Meg Abene Newlin

meg-folds-pranayama-master-classThe days leading up to the Winter Solstice are some of the most profound days to turn within and explore with earnestness the depth and purpose of our relationship to ourselves through practice. It is a time often honored with austerity, meditation and self-study. It also happens to be one of the busiest times of the year as we gear up for the activity and energy of the holidays.

This special 2-hour Master Class is an opportunity to plug into the heart of our impulse for connection during this sacred time of year. We will explore the thread of our individual connection to breath, to stillness and grounding as it weaves its way from our own center out into our families and into and beyond our communities. This class will use the introspective nature of forward folds to help us still our minds enough to explore a variety of pranayama techniques. By pulsing back and forth between postures and stillness and breath and stillness – we will journey to the steady and abiding center of who we are so that that part of us can lead the way during the busy days ahead.



Beautiful woman is working outRebecca will walk you through the use of props, strategic engagement and breath to help you learn to lift yourself off the ground and work mindfully into these confidence-building (and fun!) poses. Essential components of arm balances include: core awareness, open hips and proper hand placement.

This 2-hour Master Class will look carefully at each. The arm balance line-up is big! You will learn the tricks to lift into bakasana (crow), astavakrasana (eight angle pose), galavanasana (flying pigeon) and maksikanagasana (dragonfly) with opportunity to expand into even more for those who are experienced balancing on their hands.



  • Saturday, February 11th 12-2pm: Introduction to Drop Backs with Meg Abene Newlin

Dropbacks - MegDropping back and standing up from Full Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) is no small feat. It is taking a very big pose and putting it into motion. It is asking our bodies to stay simultaneously open and strong and asking our minds to maintain awareness as we integrate stillness of form with alignment in movement. Drop backs, even in the building stages, cultivate a strong steadiness of limb while at the same time bringing great fluidity to the spine.

In this master class we will open up the body in preparation for Full Wheel and then we will work on all different types of drills to train the depth and action of dropping back and standing up. You do not need to already know how to drop back to attend this class but you should come comfortable (enough) in Full Wheel. This class is about learning pathways to get there, spending time working towards the skill and enjoying the company of other practitioners who share a love of exploring the practice.

As a side note Meg says, “In my experience, drop backs are hard! They are very much a moving target for me. If I haven’t spend time with them lately, they go away so even if you simply need to remind yourself that it is in your body, this class is a great way to reboot.”



  • Saturday, March 11th 12-2pm: Chakras 101 with Cass Hanson

Chakra handHave you heard an instructor use the term ‘Chakra’ in a yoga class and wondered what it means? Have you noticed that poses in certain areas of the body affect your emotional state more than others? Or how practicing yoga can relate to your relationships and habits? Cass will clear away the mystery and focus on the 7 main Chakras, or energy centers, in the body bringing light to the connection between the poses and your state both on and of the mat.

In this master class you will practice poses that create balance in the physical body instigating balance in your life. We will work from the root Chakra to the crown Chakra incorporating discussion along the way. Cass approaches the Chakras and the associated poses with simplicity and clarity. The intention of this class is for attendees to leave more grounded, creative, motivated, open, honest, clear and at peace.

Bring a journal, yoga mat and the readiness to look inward.




  • Saturday, April 8th 12-2pm: Forearm Balance with Jess Winkler

11013422_10153072487956132_5637265392587323847_nRid yourself of the dark and heavy of winter and come into the light and radiance of early spring. It’s the perfect time of year to get playful and build your Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance) from the ground up.

Jessica will show you the ins and outs of how to move into this pose and stay there at the wall or in the middle of the room. Expect a focus on the details integrated with vinyasa-based movements to help you flow into this challenging inversion with ease and grace.

This class is for students who have been practicing for at least six months. Jessica will help all levels learn how to approach this pose in their practice.