Yin + Yang Yoga for the Longest Day


Yin Yoga, the subtle body opens up with gentle, quiet, and meditative movements to offer wholistic relaxation.

Yang Yoga, a heat-building flow balancing out the longer held poses in Yin.

This class, led by Marjaneh, will weave both styles of yoga together in harmony with the breath and the groove of the music.

The Studio is offering this Community class in honor of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Proceeds support the Alzheimer’s Association in collaboration with their The Longest Day events, dedicated to helping the ongoing research and care for those impacted by Alzheimer’s.



This is an All-levels yoga experience. 


Tuesday, June 20th 7-8:15pm


The Studio’s west location, 701 North High Point Road.


$15 to reserve your spot, $5 day of the event for any remaining spots.

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