Marjaneh Ghanian

100000138_largeEveryone has their own story of what brings them on to their yoga mats. My story is that yoga has saved me both physically, (kept me off the operating table for a herniated disc) and mentally, (kept me out of a white room with soft walls). I love yoga, and I love my students. I thrive on seeing their practice flourish. I know that it takes discipline to show up on your yoga mat and it makes me proud to see your commitment. Did I mention that I love yoga and my students?

I believe that one of the paths to happiness is to love what you do. I encourage my students to “love their yoga practice” instead of “doing their yoga practice.” Once you love something you don’t want to let go and you keep coming back to it repeatedly. I feel privileged to lead my students on their journey.

Finding inner peace is what most of us seek while on our mats. If we can keep the outside world off our mats and take what we learn on our mats to the outside world, maybe, just maybe, we will find inner peace off our mats too.

Practicing yoga on and off the mat is what I strive for. Inspiring my yoga students to do the same is what I live for. Keep showing up on your mat. Keep loving your yoga. Lets all share the same story, “Love, Happiness and Peace.”

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Marjaneh offers Personal Yoga Sessions at both locations. She specializes in:

  • All levels.
  • Breath and Relaxation Skills.
  • Spiritual journey and growth.
  • Guidance in yogic philosophy and applications.
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