The Original Eco Yoga Mat

Rated #1 by The New York Times

No slip. No chemicals. Good for Mother Earth.

We’re very picky. We searched high and low and this is quite simply, our very favorite yoga mat.

  • Just the right thickness—when mats are too thick, you lose stability.
  • Great grip on both top and bottom. The mat won’t slide on the floor and you won’t slide on the mat—making it perfect for traditional and hot/sweaty yoga practices.
  • Made from all-natural rubber and jute fiber—the most eco conscious mat you can buy.
  • No chemical additives.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Choose from four gorgeous colors: Natural, Coral Pink, Lichen Green, Deep Lavender.
  • Pick up at The Studio.


Contains some natural latex.

Special Note: Every Original Eco Mat is unique. Each mat has some bare areas or strips of jute exposed, which contribute to the uniqueness and earthiness. An initial “wearing in” of the mat is not uncommon. The overlying rubber is a thin coating and the mat areas with the most use may initially shed some. This may slowly continue over time with exposure and movement of the user. This is a natural part of this wonderfully eco-friendly mat’s evolution.

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